Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your licence is kept up to date and must be renewed two weeks prior to expiry, failure to do this may result in exclusion from the class due to health and safety reasons.

If you are new student to Northern Taekwondo then this will be back dated to your first class.

The licence permits students to practise Taekwondo at any Northern Taekwondo club and covers students with a Martial Arts insurance.
Licence fees are as follows:

£30.00 per year
Family discount – Each family member will benefit from the reduced rate of £26.00 per year

(Payments either by cash or cheque made payable to ‘Northern Taekwondo’).

Students will receive:

  • Northern Taekwondo Licence and Grading Book
  • Membership to all Northern Taekwondo clubs and events
  • Registration and insurance with the British Taekwondo Council (conditions apply)
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The name entered above does hereby agree and pledge to loyally follow the rules detailed below:

  1. I have read and understand all Northern Taekwondo rules and procedures (available on
  2. I agree not to misuse the knowledge gained through training in Taekwondo.
  3. That the Instructor has the right to withhold tuition from me if I violate the code of 'Northern Taekwondo'
  4. I will not hold the Club/'Northern Taekwondo', its Principle, Officials or any fellow members responsible for any injury that I may sustain whilst training, although this does not affect my statutory rights.
  5. I understand that taking part in taekwondo requires a certain level of physical contact and fitness and I am fit to take part
  6. I understand that Northern Taekwondo may choose to delegate a lower grade to assist with the new beginners; this will be supervised by an instructor at all times.
  7. I understand that in class I must not try to attempt any other moves other than the moves I am directed to do.
  8. It is the Students responsibility to ensure that his/her Licence is kept up to date.
  9. That should I be injured I will obtain and submit a claims form within 14 days.
  10. I agree to allow all my personal data details, in relation to training at 'Northern Taekwondo' Clubs, to be entered onto a computer and agree that all the information kept on file will be subject to the Data Protection Act.
  11. That the annual Licence fee is non-transferable and non-returnable.
  12. All New beginners will have their licence back dated to the first class that they attended and this is renewable yearly.
I understand and agree to the above SIGNED (IF UNDER 18 PARENT OR GUARDIAN)